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Are you a Totton based business which requires commercial laundry on a large scale? then one of your prime concerns must be organizing the laundry process, managing linen hire and ensuring you have a great ironing service for your Totton operation. Several Totton laundry service companies provide you with washing, dry cleaning, ironing service and carpet cleaning for a fairly reasonable price and not too bad a laundry job. However, if you’re looking for a professional business to take care of your laundry, linen hire, ironing (and even carpet cleaning!) Edka Laundry is the service provider for you.

Below are a few hints and tips we have put together on perfecting your laundry service for your Totton based business if this is something you wish to do in-house. We will also throw in a few tips on linen hire, ironing and carpet cleaning.

The right water temperature

Some laundry fabrics have hot or cold water written in the laundry instructions. On average, you should use cold water for fabrics that may shrink, delicate textiles, and fabrics with dark colors that can bleed. Cold water also saves you the cost of utilities. Warm water is suitable for moderately soiled clothes and you should consider hot water for human-made fabrics, cotton whites, towels, bedding, and heavily soiled clothes.

Choose your laundry detergent wisely

A lot of business grab the cheapest laundry detergent without considering that it’s the main ingredient for a good cleaning. For general loads, you can consider using powder laundry detergents which are cheap but do not dissolve well in cold water and leave stains. For cleaning stains, you may want to consider using a Totton dry cleaners. If you’re ready to give substantial treatment to your favorite piece of clothing, you can consider using single-dose pods, tablets or packs which are convenient to use but slightly more expensive than the other two.


Use less detergent

One of the lesser-known cleaning hacks is to use less amounts of detergents. Overuse of laundry detergent can create suds that would trap soil and redeposit them on the fabric defeating the purpose of the laundry service process. Try using half of the recommended amount for the load and check if the results are as expected. This also saves you money for your Totton laundry process


Act quickly for stain removal

You have to catch stains and act upon them quickly to remove them. In large scale Totton businesses it’s better use a Totton line hire company or Totton dry cleaner for bulk processes as it’s difficult to check for this. As soon as the stain is caused, soak or rinse the area in cold water and apply some stain removing liquid. Put the garment into the washer immediately. All stains do not get removed by the same technique. Be sure to use the right one or leave the headache to a local laundry company or dry cleaners ideally close to your Totton location who will take care of your stains and all your laundry needs.


Edka Laundry offers a full service to local hotels, restaurants, B&B’s, Spas throughout Totton and surrounding areas. We not only provide a top notch laundry service but also we offer professional linen hire, carpet cleaning machine hire, carpet cleaning service, dry cleaning all with collection.

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