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In addition to our outstanding Romsey Laundry service we offer, carpets is another of our specialties. Carpets can turn your house into a home. From providing warmth in winters when you lie next to a fireplace to softness in summers when you walk barefoot, carpets represent the coziness of your home. Maintaining the quality and softness of carpets, however, can pose a major issue. Carpets are long term investments. A vacuum cleaner might not be the best to maintain its quality especially if it gets stained by chance. In such cases, let the Romsey carpet cleaning services take care of your needs. From providing stain removal to dry cleaning carpets, they’ll take complete care of your comfortable floor décor. In case you wish to clean your favorite possession by yourself, the Romsey carpet cleaning services also provide carpet cleaning machine hire. Here are some tips that might help you to keep your carpet pristine.

  • Use a Lint Roller- There might be hair, crumbs, and other stuff that your vacuum cleaner cannot remove no matter how hard your vacuum. These can be taken care of by a lint roller. Simply put some elbow grease on the problematic areas and within minutes you’ll get the unwanted substances out.

  • Squeegee to eliminate pet hairs- A furry pet and a beautiful carpet is a great combination for play but not so good when you try to clean the carpet. If your pet sheds a lot and your carpet has short hairs, you can resort to a squeegee. Though it's usually used for cleaning windows or removing frost, it works to remove particles stuck to a surface and might be the best in this case. Simply water the squeegee and use it as if on a window.

  • Stain removal using iron- Stain removal from a carpet is a test of your patience and resilience. Here’s a three-step procedure to make cleaning easier for you.

  1. First vacuum the stained area to remove the hard bigger particles. This will leave only the stain.

  2. Next, prepare a mixture of vinegar and water in the ratio 1:3. Treat the stain with this mix and leave it for around 5 minutes for letting the mixture sink into the stained textile.

  3. Lastly, place a towel on the stain and press a heated iron on it. The pressure and the heat will cause the stain to transfer to the towel and you will be left with a cleaner carpet.

Another important tip for all fabrics, while removing a stain, never rub but always blot the area to absorb the maximum liquid out of it. Hope this has helped and will be a good addition to our Romsey laundry offering.

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