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Who needs cleaner carpets?

We've bought some new toys whilst we've been keeping safe from COVID! Pre-coronavirus we had been looking into carpet cleaning machines that we can hire out that anyone can use.

Of course most have heard of the Rug Doctor that you can nip down your local supermarket to hire but we wanted to offer something better, something a bit more superior with a bit of extra oomph so we finally decided on the 'Big Green Bissell Carpet Cleaning Machine'.

This machine is a professional grade carpet cleaner with attachments to clean all the upholstery in your house and car. So why is it better than a Rug Doctor? Big Green uses a roller brush a little like a Dyson type vacuum whereas the Rug Doctor does not.

There are endless videos online of the results you can achieve, take a look at this one;


How Does Rental Work?

First and foremost we're a laundry service - this machine is a hire only service. That means that you hire the machine and carry out the cleaning yourself. But don't worry - it's really easy to use.

Simply send us a message or book yourself online. Time slots are for 24 hours only. If you need our machine longer please message us for a quotation.

Once your booking is confirmed pop down to us in Totton located on the Calmore Industrial Estate and collect within your allotted time slot. We'll show you how to use the machine, you take away in your own car (don't worry it does fold to fit in your boot) and then bring back within 24 hours.

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