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Top 5 Hints to help you in Lockdown

So we’ve lived for almost a year with the Coronavirus. Just think to what you were doing in February last year, and then to now. One thing for sure, is that there have been increases. Not just the number of hours spent at home, or bingeing on box sets, there are lots more items and we have made a Top 5 of suggestions and solutions for you and your family.

1. Make your viewing more fun!

In today’s world, TVs and tablets are often the number one source of entertainment. TV subscriptions have hit record highs, and not to mention the demand for the PlayStation 5 and other consoles! Our TV remotes and tablets have become glued to us, with a mild panic when they go missing!

Why not let us know in the comments what your favourite program has been over lockdown (1, 2 or 3!). Share with a friend what you’re watching, get chatting about the favourite film or series, or arrange a virtual viewing night with a glass of wine or beer!

2. Less food waste, more food needed!

Spending more time at home has seen an increase in all bills, especially food. Local producers have started to introduce delivery boxes or you can choose your local supermarket and stick to routine.

Take some time to bulk cook and freeze a few meals, have a rest from cooking one day and let the kids prepare dinner for you. Try freezing vegetables to make them last longer, certain green leafed vegetables are fantastic to add to pasta and curry dishes.

3. Keep your heating bill low

Heating is an essential on a cold day, so what do you do to make sure your bills are affordable whilst you’re working from home? Try turning down the radiator in rooms you don’t use during the day, close the door and curtains and retain the heat. Try wearing more layers, perhaps a cozy favourite jumper or funny onesie!

Plus if you want to help your future energy saving efforts, take a look into renewable energy and the Green Homes Grant.

4. The never ending washing

The washing pile is building quicker and perhaps the ironing too! With no requirement for school uniform or work clothes, the reliance on everyday clothes has increased dramatically!

Perhaps you’re finding that you don’t have time to wash and iron – or just need a break.

We have the perfect solution for you! EdKa Laundry is based just outside of Southampton, and offers a 48 hour collection, wash, iron and delivery service. Why not treat yourself to a different kind of break from the new routine?

5. Stains!

It’s not just you that’s feeling the extra time in the house. Your home will be as well. With more time at home, you may be noticing more spillages or marks on the carpet. Perhaps the dog keeps running in with muddy paws, or the kids love a muddy day?!

Try taking your shoes off at the front door and see the difference in less vacuuming over a week. Eat at the dinner table and have food areas.

Or give your home an early spring clean by hiring a carpet cleaner to tackle those accumulating marks!

About us

With the hope that lockdown will soon be lifted, we are hoping these 5 top tips will help you get some self care and happiness.

EdKa Laundry is based in Totton, covering the New Forest and Southampton. It is run by Edita who takes pride in running a very efficient, and award winning service in laundry – for both personal and commercial customers.

Please visit the website for information on prices and to arrange a collection. We offer services in everyday items, including bulky items.

We also offer a Carpet Cleaner Hire service for just £19.99. Our customers have been so pleased that we’ve been tagged on TikTok showing the amazing difference they’ve made! Mention and share this blog, and we’ll include the handheld tool free of charge so you can tackle furniture stains too!

We are currently accepting work by appointment only. Please visit the website and request an appointment via the Chat function.

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