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The Importance of “Getting It Right”

Cleaning a room efficiently without mistakes may sound like an easy task, but guest reviews speak otherwise. Found out how to turn those frowns upside down with our online training.

Hi, I’m Edita, the founder of Spotlight Online Hospitality Training.

I am on a personal mission to help improve the level of cleanliness within hospitality and have designed a course that tackles the top triggers that affect guest reviews, staff appraisals and hotel reputation.

About me

I have been there, the place that everyone begins – knowing little about how to clean a room, and it was through specialist training, my own experience and becoming an accommodation provider myself, that I have created my new online course Housekeeping Essentials for Hospitality.

15 years ago, I was that person who was asked to return to clean a room again and again, I admit, I had missed parts of a room and it was thanks to extra training, shadowing and determination that I was able to work my way up. In no time I was managing a hotel with over 450 rooms and a team of over 100 staff in top hotels based in London, Qatar, Bahrain and Dubai!

Fast forward and I now have several Airbnb properties and a commercial laundry business in Southampton. My journey has taken me from working for hotels to being an accommodation provider – and cleanliness and hygiene will never fail to be the most important factor in a satisfied guest!

Who’s been sleeping in my bed?

Whether you’re a cleaner, owner of a guest home or manager of a large hotel - the principles remain the same.

A guest room MUST be cleaned efficiently without missing anything - free of any trace of the previous guest – otherwise, the effects could be detrimental to your reputation as a hospitality provider.

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About you

Take a look at how you currently clean a guest room.

Do you do anything different that you would do at home? Do you find yourself returning to your trolley or store cupboard over and over again? Do you feel that cleaning just one room takes a long time, and wonder if you could improve in any way?

If we combine our existing knowledge with professional advice, anything can be achieved!

My course is designed for YOU – it will help strengthen your ability to clean a room successfully, efficiently and without missing anything out.

Or, if you are a hospitality provider or manager, you’ll be looking at your guest reviews and staff retention. Perhaps you’d like to retrain yourself or your team, refreshing or improving their knowledge and skills?

Find out more about Spotlight Online Hospitality Training

Our first online course Housekeeping Essentials for Hospitality will

· Improve cleaning skills and ability

· Help clean a room efficiently, adding time to clean other rooms

· Improve guest satisfaction and reviews

The course is easy to follow with video guidance, checklists and handouts that can be used straight away to improve your efficiency.

In celebration of the launch of our online course, Housekeeping Essentials for Hospitality, we have a special introductory rate available - sign up today by following this link.

I will also personally be available for onsite training by appointment or in Southampton on selected dates, where accommodation will be included as part of a special training package.

Keep in touch

Sign up with us to stay up to date, and receive a free Room Audit Checklist – so that you can assess yourself or your team. If you score below 65%, a refresher course with Spotlight Online Hospitality Training is just a few clicks away!

Thank you for visiting my blog! Edita



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