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Helping Put a Spotlight On Your Business

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Reviews are the backbone of a successful business, especially for accommodation providers. Whether you are a pop-up campsite, a boutique hotel, or a guest home, reviews are crucial to contributing to your future bookings and success. So how can you deliver to match your guests' expectations?

Spotlight Hospitality Solutions, based in Southampton, provides a range of services to help your customer feedback.

1. Online cleaning

Have you ever wondered how hotels always clean their rooms so well? What products do they use? How long does it take to clean a room? Or perhaps you do the cleaning yourself but would like to improve your method?

Online training is a fantastic avenue for this, easily fitting into busy schedules with the capability to return and refresh anytime. Our ‘Housekeeping Essentials for Hospitality’ course provides a comprehensive training method that has been based on the training given in top hotels across the World. Our founder, Edita Talat-Kelpsiene previously trained and managed the busy housekeeping teams and has personally developed and delivered this training to help smaller hotels and accommodation providers deliver a better clean with consistency.

2. Cleaners

We provide a cleaning team who have been trained using our Spotlight Solution. Available for end-of-tenancy or serviced accommodation properties in the Southampton and New Forest area.

We believe in using cleaning materials that prolong the life of your property and use Method cleaning products.

3. Maintenance needs

It’s crucial to address any broken or damaged items as soon as possible, ideally before your next guest arrives. If you’re not ofay to a bit of DIY, have a trusted person available that can help at short notice.

As an accommodation provider herself, Edita added Maintenance to our list of services this year - from fixing a broken handle to grouting between tiles - we’ll be there in a flash! We can even help you with any maintenance needs when a long-term booking has just left.

4. Quality linen supply

Where do you source bedding from? If you are a pop-up boutique or a business that runs for part of the year, why not consider linen hire. This economical and environmentally friendly way helps you to provide a quality feel without having to spend on bedding that you won’t need in a few months.

Linen Hire includes not only bedding but also kitchen essentials and towels and can be tailored to your property needs. Arrange a day for delivery and collection, and have the confidence of stain-free (especially of makeup and fake tan, etc), ironed bedding available for your next guests.

Our sister company Edka Laundry, based in Totton, provides a linen hire service across Southampton and the New Forest. For more information, visit

5. Accidents happen

We know that accidents can happen. If you notice that a stain has appeared on furnishings or carpet, we have a solution for you. Edka Laundry offers a Carpet Cleaner Machine Hire that provides a professional-grade clean for just £20 a day, plus £5 for handheld cleaning accessories.

About Spotlight Hospitality Solutions

Founded in 2021, our Housekeeping Essentials for Hospitality focuses on delivering results and improving cleaning standards in hospitality. Through our elearning course, you’ll receive specialist cleaning and housekeeping training to help deliver a first-class service to guests, confidence in staff, and fewer complaints. We will give you all the information that you need to provide an outstanding cleaning and housekeeping service that matches the standards of the top 5-star London hotels.

This year we have launched our additional services to accommodation providers in the Southampton area. This includes cleaning (including end of tenancy), maintenance, and carpet cleaning machine hire. Please visit our website for more information, or contact Edita to discuss a quotation.

Founder Edita works primarily with the accommodation industry, as a provider herself she manages a caravan, 3 apartments, and a house in Southampton ( as well as her commercial laundry business (


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