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How to get your home prepared for Christmas guests

Christmas is the time for cheer. But do you panic when the doorbell rings and unexpected guests arrive, or you receive a last-minute booking to your Airbnb or holiday let?

We are going to share our top tips on how to get ready for this festive season. Opening those doors wide for continued guest bookings and short-term stays.

Leave the white gloves at home, as your home, self-catering accommodation or holiday home will be spotless when we’re finished here!

1. Making a list, checking it twice!

When it comes to cleaning, we usually have a routine. Areas that are always cleaned, wiped, vacuumed, and tidied…but can you honestly say that nothing is missed?

Since the pandemic, our expectations have risen. Cleanliness and hygiene are paramount to positive reviews (even from your in-laws!) unless you want to compete with a cheap hotel.

So how often do you give your home or holiday home a deep, thorough clean?

To get you started, take a notepad and visit each room. Make a list of all the areas you’d like to clean. Take special attention to the areas that aren’t your ‘usual’ areas to clean (for example, under the sofa, skirting boards, behind the toilet, on top of cupboards, and even that messy kitchen cupboard!).

Take that list and split it into manageable chunks. Then pencil in a time and day when you can work on that list.

2. Cleaning materials

Before you begin your cleaning day, check your cleaning supplies. Do you have what you need to cover the items on your list? Does anything need replacing?

Gather your cleaning materials in one place, don’t forget to include items such as microfibre clothes, a long reach dusting tool and sprays for the counters, dusting, windows and toilet.

Make sure to include a bag for your rubbish.

3. Bedding and towels

Over time bedding can fade or yellow with wash. Check that they are still usable. Consider whether you need to invest in new bedding.

Can you wash pillows and duvets, work in time to freshen these up - especially if they’ve been in storage? Clean any mattress protectors too.

Do you have enough bedding for your guests? If you are short of linens (duvet covers, fitted sheets, pillowcases, towels) consider linen hire. This great service supplies hotel-quality bedding and towels on hire, as a one-off to homes and short-term rentals, then returned to the provider who wash, iron and fold them - taking that task off your hands, saving your time and most importantly, your energy bills!

Edka Laundry provides this service to homes and Airbnb holiday let hosts in the New Forest, Southampton and Winchester areas. If you have a holiday home this service can be altered to fit your bookings, so you’re always prepared with extra linens.

4. Vacuuming

Prepare the room for vacuuming, tidying items from the floor and moving furniture where possible to access underneath.

If you have pets, pay attention to pet hair - this may need a longer focus. Lift cushions, use the accessories to reach under beds and sofas, and cleaning stairs.

If you want an extra deep clean, consider renting a carpet cleaning machine that will not only bring your carpet to life but remove dust and dirt that otherwise is too deep for a normal vacuum to pick up.

Our sister company, Edka Laundry offers a 24 hour professional carpet cleaning machine hire for just £20. We have seen outstanding results that have gone viral on Instagram and would love to see your before and after shots too! If you’re not in the Southampton or New Forest area, supermarkets and hardware stores often offer this service, or if you’re looking for a more regular fixture, they can be purchased quite reasonably.

5. Fix that leaky tap

Quite often we naturally put off those tasks that aren’t on our comfortable list, such as fixing leaky taps, screwing in that nail that fell out or fixing that blind cord.

Whilst you’re cleaning, why not ask a friend or neighbour to help with these tasks or contact CheckaTrade for a recommended maintenance person in your area?

6. Give a hotel standard clean

Does your cleaning give a hotel feeling? Well, we can show you how to clean like the top hotels with our online Housekeeping Essentials course. Designed for people who would like to improve their cleaning ability and time, or for those who manage their own cleaning at home or a hospitality setting (e.g. Airbnb, guest home, self-catering accommodation or short term rental), we take the principles used at top hotels and show you how it’s done.

So whether you’re cleaning your own home or responsible for guest lodgings, our course will give you better reviews and guest bookings as you’re showing committed to the one area that is key in hospitality - cleanliness.

One final point to add, once you’ve completed your list, keep on top of it so that next time there is less to do, leaving time to enjoy the festive season with your friends and family.

About Edita

Taking her 20 years of experience, Edita Talat-Kelpsiene, founder of Spotlight Hospitality Solutions, Edka Room and Edka Laundry has created an online course that is based on her experience while running the housekeeping department of hotels with over 400 rooms.

As we enter a financial crisis and raised energy bills, Edita is on a mission to help homes and businesses with her top housekeeping training and cost efficient, environmentally friendly services. Whether you’re looking to change careers, pick up a second job or improve your current cleaning routine, Spotlight Housekeeping Essentials for Hospitality is the solution for you.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you to prepare for the festive season, and the next special occasion, please contact us.

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