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Essentials for Getting Guest Ready

Whether you’re greeting guests after a closure, or getting ready for the ‘#staycation boom’ we’ve put together a few suggestions of how you can improve your reviews to enhance more bookings, and a better guest experience. As accommodation providers, you must start the new season with a clean and hygienic stay for your guests.

It’s also the perfect time to have a spring clean and thoroughly cleanse items that may not get washed regularly, below are our Top Cleaning Tips.

· Heavy and bulky items

Did you know that the average person sweats at least 200ml of liquid onto bedding every night? With this and the dead skin cells, dust mites are quick to appear in unwashed beds and bedding.

The problem is a lot of these items may not be so easy to wash in your normal washing machine, and if you’re also an accommodation provider – you need to make sure that bedding is clean between guests. Using an external laundry provider will ensure you’ll get a hygienic wash, in a large machine that will allow a thorough wash of your bulky items.

· Pillows

Similar to your duvet covers, pillows should also be washed between guests. In addition to our skin cells, there will be saliva, sweat and oils on the pillow. If you use pillow protectors, these should be washed after each guest – reducing the need to wash pillows as frequently.

· Curtains

When did you last wash your curtains? It is one of those jobs that get left behind, as it requires extra effort and time with taking down and hanging up again. Take advantage of the time to take these down and clean them – free from dust and oil.

· Bedding and towels

These items are less bulky and easier to wash, however, they still take time to dry and iron.

EdKa Laundry can collect and return your freshly washed and ironed bedding in x days. We also make sure those towels keep their fluffy feel, providing a hotel-quality wash and launder, which will give added comfort to your guests.

· Carpet cleaner hire

A vacuum cleaner will remove the visible dirt, but not the embedded dirt that builds up over time. You’ll be astonished by the dirt that can be washed out of a carpet!

How we can help you

Why not start the new season with a fresh wash of your accommodation bedding and linens, and book a carpet cleaner hire?

Consider a fresh and thorough clean for your accommodation. Eliminate dirt, dust and bacteria. The Edka Laundry service provides an efficient wash for most items – regular bedding, curtains, bulky items or even delicate – often returned back the next day (however, duvets would be returned within 5 days).

If you are reviewing your current provider, or even tempted to try our services for comparison – now is a fantastic time to contact us! Our services have been recommended across Southampton (see our client portfolio), and we provide a fast, efficient and affordable.

Our Carpet Cleaning Machine Hire service is just £19.99 a day, plus £25 deposit – spend a day giving your carpets and upholstery* a fresh and thorough clean. We have four Bissell ‘Big Green’ Carpet Cleaners, providing a professional clean, tacking the dirt and dust embedded in your carpet or upholstery, for a minimal cost with noticeable differences! An essential to boost your business cleanliness and a lovely welcome for your guests!

Mention this blog at collection, and receive a free bottle of Carpet Cleaning Shampoo (that can cover a 3 bedroom home).

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you get started for the new season, and continue to provide a clean and hygienic stay for your guests!

EdKa Laundry | 07480 686000 | info@edkalaundry.co.uk

About EdKa Laundry

EdKa Laundry is based in Totton, and we provide laundry service across Southampton and the New Forest. We opened in 2020 and have served many local hotels and restaurants to ensure they have freshly washed linens and uniform for their staff. We are flexible, and happy to accommodate your laundry needs – whether a regular weekly service or occasionally.

EdKa Laundry is run by Edita Talat-Kelpsiene, a local business woman who also owns and manages several serviced accommodation apartments in Southampton. We understand the hospitality industry and the importance of good and affordable service.

*Requires additional charge to hire the hand tools.

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