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Ironing Service Vs. Ironing DIY – what’s better? We believe hiring a Lymington Ironing Service professional is a lot better! Especially if you are a Lymington based hotel, restaurant, spa or B&B, it’s no secret that linen tends to wrinkle faster than anything else. Linen must be ironed (with a good quality iron) for it to look good. It can be bad for business if bedding linen in your hotel room is creased and not a properly ironed, smooth surface. A Lymington ironing service provider can help hospitality and food service enterprises handle this aspect of their work, but it can also help personal customers as well because DIY ironing is not easy to do either.

Ironing is not done only in linen, sadly. Most clothes and fabrics need to be properly ironed for them to look their best, especially those needed for formal occasions. A wedding setting or an important business meeting, both require a smart-looking, properly ironed suit or dress. Shirts and trousers are easily wrinkled; they need quality ironing to appear as fine as they should. Same thing happens with linen: a creased bedsheet or tablecloth is not a good look for a Lymington boutique hotel or a high-end restaurant.  A proper ironing service, though, is no simple task. It takes a long time to iron most clothing items, and when people do their laundry they usually have a big load of clothing to iron after a visit to the launderette. The process of ironing can be time consuming and exhausting. Lymington ironing service providers usually do a range of other tasks such as commercial laundry, linen hire, dry cleaning, 24-hour laundry, laundry collection & delivery. From a business perspective, does it make sense to have all your ironing done by an employee when those working hours could be more beneficial spent elsewhere? DIY ironing is an arduous activity, hard to get right and hardly ever worth the effort.

On the contrary, the other side of that coin is paying an ironing service based in Lymington to do the job for you. Businesses would be the most benefited from this decision, as the result of hiring an ironing service is saved time and money. An employee would not be wasted having to deal with ironing the laundry. It must be said that if a business is already paying for dry cleaning, it only makes sense that they should also get the ironing service as well. It is also beneficial for personal customers, too. It would only take a second to have your laundry dropped off at the ironing service after the visit to the launderette, and sometimes there is no need to even go that far; some services offer free collection and delivery too!

When deciding whether to handle your ironing yourself, or going out to hire an ironing service in Lymington, why not first visit a few websites and check out what pricing each service offers? Edka Laundry covers the area not only for Lymington ironing service also, dry cleaning, laundry, commercial laundry, linen hire, carpet cleaning and carpet machine hire. Look around for service reviews and you will surely not be disappointed.


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