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Laundry Price Information

Wash,Dry and Iron£6.90 per kg
Wash, Dry & Fold£4.50 per kg
Iron only£6.00 per kg
 Shirts & Laundry 
Shirt Laundered & Ironed£3.50 per item
Shirts 3 or more laundered & ironed£2.80 per item
Shirt Ironed Only£2.00 per item
Iron Only Item from £1.00 per itemto £2.90 per item
Garment Laundered & Ironedfrom £2.90per item   to £9.90 per item

25% extra for same day service


Bed Linen (Laundered, Ironed & Folded)

Single Sheet£3.50
Single Duvet Cover£3.80
Double Sheet£4.00
Double Duvet Cover£4.80
King Size Sheet£4.50
King Size Duvet Cover£4.90
Pillowcase £1.00

Bed Linen (Ironed & Folded)

Single Sheet£2.70
Single Duvet Cover£2.90
Double Sheet£3.30
Double Duvet Cover£3.40
King Size Sheet£3.40
King Size Duvet Cover£3.50
Pillowcase £0.70

Winter duvet wash and dry from £25.00


Dry Cleaning Information

ServicePrice (£)
2-piece Suit13.50
3-piece Suit17.30
Dinner/Evening Suit 2 piece15.40
Dinner/Evening Suit 3 piece19.99

ServicePrice (£)
Jacket Puffa20.00
Knitwear/Jumper sandard6.60
Knitwear/Jumper Heavy 7.50
Long Dress 7.50
Knitwear, Cashmere/Mohair/Angora11.00
ServicePrice (£)
Trouser (Standard)4.90 per item
Jeansup to 4.90 per item
Shortsup to 4.90 per item
ServicePrice (£)
Top, Plain4.00
Blouse, Plain6
Blouse, Sequin16
Shirt dress5.50
ServicePrice (£)
Skirt Standard8.99
Skirt  Long9.99
Skirt  Pleated11.99
Linen Skirt9.99
ServicePrice (£)
Dress  (Plain)10.99
Dress (Patterned)12.99
Dress  Cocktail16.99
Dress  Evening (short)18.50
Dress Evening (standard)19.99
Dress Evening (long)23.00
Dress  Wedding from99.00
Communion Dress15.00
Communion (Lace cloth/Ex Pce)2.50
Page Boy’s outfit15.00
ServicePrice (£)
Short coat (thick)8.99
Ladies Coat10.00
ServicePrice (£)
Scarf Standard5
Scarf (Silk/special)8
Shawl (Standard)8
Shawl (Silk/special)11
Ties / Silk5.50
Ties / wool/ poly4.50
Suede & Leather
ServicePrice (£)
Jacket or Coat from 39.00
Sheepskin rugs from27.00
Bridal Wear
ServicePrice (£)
Wedding Dress76 – 90
Packed in Bridal Chest extra49
Bridesmaid Dresses18 – 30
Household Dry Cleaning
ServicePrice (£)
Bedspread Single14
Bedspread Single Hvy16
Bedspread Double15
Bedspread double Hvy18.80
Blanket Single13
Blanket Double13.70
Bed Mattress cover Med-Hvy14.50
Bed Mattress cover king/Thick24.50
Feather Pillows(Cleaned & recovered)20 Allow 2 weeks
Covers (Chair/Cushion)£10.00/kg
Curtains  (Tie Back)?????
Curtains (Steam only)6.50/kg
Rug40 – 50
Alterations & Repairs
ServicePrice (£)
Trousers (plain) shorten13.70
Trousers (turn ups) shorten16.70
New Zip Trousers/Skirt13.70
Minor RepairsFrom 7.50
Specialist - Re-weaving also available

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Machine Hire

ServicePrice (£) Include 500ml Shampoo
4 Hours (Mon-Fri)26.95
24 Hours (Mon-Fri)31.95
48 Hours (Mon-Fri)35.95
48 Hours ( Sat & Sun)38.95

Please note:Advance booking is recommended and 2 forms of Identification needed.

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